The Medical Concierge Program

The Medical Concierge Program

Three Medical Concierge Programs Available 

12 month Concierge Program :

  • 50% off Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • 50% off peptide Therapy
  • 50% off Solis Concierge Program
  • home visit discount

6 month Concierge Program :

  • 25% off Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • 25% off peptide Therapy
  • home visit discount

3 month Concierge Program :

  • 10% off Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • 10% off peptide Therapy
  •  home visit discount

Program includes:

  1. All acute and chronic medical problems/concerns will be addressed utilizing conventional Internal Medicine along with (if requested) Integrative Complimentary Medicine to achieve optimal health
  2. 2 visits (90-120min each) per month via any format (in office, phone, video)
  3. The patient has more direct access to Dr. Swierczewski via phone, email, or video
  4. Dr. Swierczewski has multi-state active medical licenses and is able to consult with patient from the any where in the country (United States).
  5. Face to face extended appointment time (120 min initial visit)
  6. Same day sick visits (unlimited)
  7. Home visits (50% discount for Concierge patients compared to non-concierge patients)
  8. Discounts on Hormone Therapy Program, Peptide Program, and Solis Concierge Program.
  9. Large referral network with board certified, credentialed physicians and health practitioners
  10. Assistance with navigation  through the health care system
  11. Cross coverage by Solis for medical emergencies
  12. Only program in practice where Dr. Swierczewski functions as your primary care physician

* Only 50 patients in the medical concierge program (waiting list after 50 patients)

*Patients who would like to sign up for the concierge program may call or email:

telephone: 631-283-0015

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