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Dr. Magdalena Swierczewski

Dr. Magdalena Swierczweski’s 360’ Approach to Facial Aesthetics and Anti-Aging


There’s no denying that faces have become an obsession. We could, of course, blame this on social media and selfies, but what’s the underlying reason for our obsession with aesthetics? According to Dr. Magdalena Swierczewski, people come to see her to either maintain their current aesthetic and prevent aging or to correct an imbalance and define certain features. The difference between her approach and going to another practice is that she is a board-certified physician with extensive training in Internal, Integrative, and Anti-aging Medicine, along with facial aesthetics.

The Art of Facial Aesthetics

While people continue to search for the fountain of youth, they need not look any further than inside themselves. Working with your body’s natural biology can help you achieve the perfect balance of health and aesthetics. Dr. Swierczewski caters to her patient’s health in a way that most western medicine doctors neglect, holistically and aesthetically.  Because people tend to underestimate the power of heath in terms of anti-aging, she addresses issues with weight, metabolic health, hormones, as well as aging medical issues such as collagen and NAD depletion and offers medical evaluations and therapies. She then compliments these efforts with advanced facial injectables such as botox, filler, and PRP, and skincare.

In addition to these services, she offers hair restoration using her hair restoration protocol of combination therapy using PRP, advanced nutritional supplements, light therapy, and specialized prescription medication with topical products to help repair and initiate new growth of hair follicles. The aesthetic services are like the icing on the cake. After Dr. Swierczewski has done a complete evaluation, she can see what a patient needs to achieve perfect health and aesthetics.

Dr. Swierczewski approaches facial aesthetics modestly as she sees every face as a work of art. She explains that the one thing most patients are seeking is proportion. Beauty standards are something that is constantly changing, but achieving accurate proportions has remained the same. Dr. Swierczewski creates harmony by honoring and enhancing natural proportions that exist everywhere in nature, otherwise known as the golden ratio. When faces reflect the golden ratio, it looks elegant, natural, and refreshed.

The Connection Between Health and Beauty 

We can all agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But what makes a person attractive to us? It’s difficult to explain because attractiveness drastically differs from one person to another, especially in different cultures. However, Dr. Swierczewski explains that overall health is the one aspect of beauty that is universal. If you are healthy and happy, people will generally see this as attractive. Everything happening with the body internally will affect how you look and the energy you exude externally.

Her approach isn’t to change the patient’s existing beauty but to maintain and enhance the features associated with health. This is why she doesn’t just rely on injectables. Dr. Swierczewski states that her mission is to help each patient achieve an optimal state of being through various treatment modalities that cross over conventional and complementary medicine, wellness, and beauty. She refers to this as an integrative 360 approach to anti-aging.

The Importance of Self Care 

Not only are people becoming more concerned with anti-aging, but they are also becoming increasingly aware of how important self-care is in preventing diseases.

Dr. Swierczewski explains that people have started to catch on that in order to look better you need to feel better.

For this reason, Dr. Swierczewski addresses all things that contribute to aging, from vitamin deficiency evaluation and metabolic health to hormone replacement therapy. She creates a unique medical profile for every patient to discuss preventative treatments that will optimize the patient’s results and health right now.  My goal is to bring body, mind, and spirit back to natural balance while healing and preventing chronic disease, in essence, helping people feel great, look amazing, and be more confident in who they are, Dr. Swierczewski explains.

Think about what’s preventing you from being your best self? You may not even know. Most of us just try different things hoping it will result in better health. By conducting a thorough physical, detailed blood analysis and a hormone profile, Dr. Swierczewski can help you pinpoint these concerns so that you can live a healthier life and feel confident with your aesthetics.