My mission is to help each patient achieve their optimal health through various treatment modalities, which are founded in Conventional Internal Medicine as well as Integrative Complimentary Medicine.

The goal of good health and wellbeing is to understand the root cause of disease, and then treat the cause in order to remove the symptoms, as opposed to alleviating symptoms without addressing the underlying problems.  Good medicine should be based in good science, be inquiry driven, and be open to new paradigms.

I approach each patient’s unique health profile by addressing their physical, mental, emotional, social, and environmental influencing factors. Together with my patients, I formulate a personalized strategy that considers these factors, while employing appropriate interventions to help patients achieve and maintain optimum health.

With your individualized treatment plan, along with my extensive network of board-certified physicians, medical specialists, and integrative practitioners, we will start your journey back to optimal health and vitality.

“Bring body, mind, and spirit back to natural balance, while healing and preventing chronic disease”

– Dr. Magdalena Swierczewski

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