Dr. Magdalena Swierczewski

Dr. Magdalena

360’ Anti-aging Health and Wellness

Integrative Functional Medicine Practice where conventional, traditional, internal medicine, preventive primary care, regenerative, anti-aging, and precision medicine merge with integrative nutrition, alternative and holistic medical therapies to bring optimal health results by the 360’ medical approach, which looks at the root cause of any medical condition, including the biological, physical, epigenetic, genetic, emotional, environmental, energetic and spiritual contributing factors.

Dr. Swierczweski spends extensive amounts of time in person with her patients as well as before and after visit time compiling data and creating a customized treatment plan with actionable interventions that work uniquely for you, focusing on improving not only your lifespan, but healthspan as well. Unlike conventional medicine one-size-fits all, the care, time, attention to detail and precision you receive with Dr. Swierczweski does not exist anywhere else in the world. The goal is always to optimize health, make you feel great, look great, and greatly improve your quality of life.

Offering the only integrative functional medicine concierge program available in the Hamptons and Long Island, NY, as well as individual visits and programs such as: integrative functional medicine visits, anti-aging/precision medicine visits with regenerative treatments including bio-hacking tools and therapies, bio-identical hormone therapy, peptide therapy, I.V. therapy (NAD+, Glutathione, Mega-dose vitamin C, etc.), stem cell therapy clearance, medical clearance for upcoming surgery, specialized gut testing, mold testing and treatment, heavy metal testing and treatment, parasite testing and treatment, detoxification, long covid syndrome treatment, chronic Lyme treatment, innovative early detection genetic cancer screening, primary care visits, internal medicine visits, telehealth visits, advanced medical aesthetics, hair restoration/hair replacement, and many more services.  Patients have the option to do most visits in office or remotely as a telehealth option based on location or preference. 

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