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Dr. Magdalena Swierczewski

Rosy & Jojo, An Adventure Through The Human Body

Dr. Magdalena Swierczewski is an Integrative Antiaging specialist and medical doctor who authored and illustrated an educational children’s book titled “Rosy & Jojo, An Adventure Through The Human Body.â€Â 

Four through Eight and Beyond

The book has been suggested for children four through eight, but the lasting terminology will benefit the child all the way into their adolescent years and adulthood. Parents might even learn a thing or two or become reacquainted with information and terms from classes at school.

Though Rosy & Jojo is an educational book about the body’s anatomy, there are underlying themes regarding the importance of working together and helping others. Dr. Magdalena wanted to incorporate life lessons that would instill a foundation of solid values and educational terms with visual artwork to help solidify an in-depth yet age-appropriate understanding of the human body.

The book features a little girl named Rosy who eats an apple with a worm named Jojo on her way to school. The worm then goes on an adventure inside Rosy’s body and meets different characters or organs such as Miss Heart, Gordo- the Stomach, Professor Brainstein, and many more. The characters then explain what’s happening in Rosy’s body and how all the organs function together.

Artwork, Activities, and Glossary by Dr. Magdalena

Dr. Magdalena beautifully illustrates the pictures to spark a child’s curiosity and engage them over and over again. Dr. Magdalena also included a glossary and activities to reinforce all the information learned throughout the book. “One of the best things about this book is that you can read over and over and still learn something new every time,†Dr. Magdalena explains. There’s also a bit of a plot twist at the end that provides a story arch and helps children understand that stories can unfold in different ways as they progress in their reading journey.

Accommodate Your Child’s Learning Style

Teaching the correct terms and functions of the human body is essential to your child’s education and development. Children can unknowingly teach each other incorrect information about the body. Children are full of misconceptions about the body,  and rightfully so because they haven’t been adequately taught. Studies have shown that stories are the best way for children to retain information when it comes to learning. Merely telling a child to memorize facts or telling them once will not benefit them. This book covers visual and verbal learning styles as well as logic. By understanding the various learning styles used in Rosy & Jojo, you can teach your child more than anatomy; you can help them in all subjects.

Success in Reinforcing Information

Children should be taught how miraculous yet delicate the human body is. As parents, we can simply tell our children or provide them with the correct information to help them come to their conclusions. This is a lesson that, if instilled at an early age, can set your child up for success in understanding the human body and in understanding the importance of reinforcing that information.

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Rosy & Jojo: An Adventure Through the Human Body: Swierczewski, Dr. Magdalena: 9781736467411: Books