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Stop Toxicity, Live a Healthy Life!


Livin in a Toxic World

Let’s talk Toxicity. Unfortunately, we live in a toxic world. There are harmful toxic chemicals in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink and bath in. Harmful toxins are also present in the clothes we wear, in our favorite perfume, make up, cosmetics, skin/hair/nail care and oral care products, like toothpaste. In addition, toxins linger in office and home furnishings, in cookware, plastics, paper receipts, household cleaners, detergents, and even some prescription medications and supplements. Environmental toxins, such as pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, solvents, EMF radiation overexposure from all surrounding electronic devices, 5G, WIFI, cars, etc., as well as heavy-metal and mold toxicity contribute to the list. This can be quite overwhelming. Furthermore, many of these toxins are endocrine and hormone disrupters, which can wreak havoc on our bodies; this includes sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, skin problems, hair loss, weight gain, sex hormone imbalances, thyroid problems, diabetes, infertility, reproductive problems, birth defects and cancer. How can this possibly be happening, you may ask yourself. Well, many of these industries are not regulated and, therefore, many of these toxic chemicals stay in the products that make it to shelves where the trusting public obtains them by purchase. You probably would not be buying it so quickly if you knew how harmful it was to you, now would you?

Solutions for a Toxicity free Home

Well, the first step to recovery is knowing what you are dealing with. There are solutions that we can incorporate into our daily life, which can give us better protection from these chemicals and detoxify our lives. Take air, for instance; we breath it over 20,000 times in one day. But, do we actually ever think about what we are breathing in constantly, what is in the air? The air can be filled with toxic elements, such as pesticides, solvents, fumes from scented candles, heavy metals, mold, etc. Here is what you can do; Step one: call a professional company to come test for levels of harmful spores, chemicals, metals, fumes in your home. If present, find the source and eradicate it. Step two: obtain a sealed HEPA with a carbon filter system for air filtration. Place the filter in the most common places you and your family spend time in, such as the family/living room or bedroom. If you have high levels of toxin in your home, there is a good chance you have toxic levels in your blood as well, which can affect your health significantly. Step Three: see a doctor and check your blood for toxicity, if positive, get treated and detoxify!

Protection from Toxins, Harmful Chemicals, and EMF Radiation Overexposure 

Other things you can do to protect yourself: filter the water you drink, and bathe and shower in, shut off your Wi-Fi and all electronics not in use at night to minimize close contact exposure of EMF radiation; purchase products that shield you or transform the wavelength so that the EMF is not as harmful to your body; check your skin, beauty, cosmetic, hair, nail products as well as oral care products; check your household products for toxic chemicals and replace them with clean ones.

Helpful APPs that Keep You Healthy and Toxin-free

There are two very helpful apps that can help you clean up your home: the “Think Dirty app and the HealthyLiving app. Download these apps on your phone. You can scan the code on your product or manually search and check the toxicity ingredients and levels. Both apps give you a list of toxins, chemicals, ingredients found in the specific product. The apps also provide a list of clean alternatives. It is worth a download! Another great resource is EWG (Environmental Working Group ). EWG helps you figure out clean products, evaluates water toxicity in your area, and provides helpful topics on many environmental issues that affect health.

Stop Toxicity, Stay Clean and Help the Planet

Eat as clean as possible: whole, organic, non-processed foods. Replace your cookware with glass or stainless steel, get rid of that toxic plastic (that includes plastic containers, wraps, bags, and bottles)! Plastic containers are also used in personal care products and contribute significantly to environmental waste. So, think about using recycled materials for packaging and help the planet! Speak to your doctor about potentially harmful ingredients in certain medications and supplements (some supplements contain fillers, preservatives, emulsifiers, etc.), so that you can be guided in choosing clean supplements, which will benefit you most ( ).

One Day at a Time to a Healthier Longer Life

It takes a little bit of work to stay healthy in this toxic world of ours. But, don’t get overwhelmed. Start slow, replace your shampoo, some make up, a household product, filter your water, eat clean, and go for a walk in nature to reduce direct EMF exposure. Little by little, you will be taking back control of your health and life!