Early Detection Multi-Cancer Screening Test

Early Detection Multi-Cancer Screening Test

A person holding a test tube with cancer written on it.

Early Detection Multi-Cancer Test

Today, the majority of cancers are found too late, when the prognosis is often poor and treatment options are limited. The earlier that cancer is diagnosed, the greater the chance of successful treatment and survival. This is the only available test on the market today that can detect more than 50 types of cancer (many of which lack routine screening options) from a single blood draw. This is a qualitative, next-generation sequencing-based, in vitro diagnostic test intended for the detection of DNA methylation patterns using cell-free DNA (cfDNA) isolated from human peripheral whole blood. DNA methylation is a natural process used by cells to regulate gene expression. Certain DNA methylation patterns can serve as a signal of cancer and provide information about the origin of the cancer signal. When a cancer signal is detected, the test predicts the origin of the cancer signal with high accuracy. The test is used in addition to guideline-recommended cancer screenings and is recommended for patients at elevated risk for cancer such as those aged 50 or older.

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