Epigenetic Testing

Epigenetic Testing

What is the Test?

The test is based on Dr. Steve Horvath’s Epigenetic Aging Clock. The test is able to precisely determine biological age, as opposed to chronological age, using only a small amount of blood or urine. Top-of-the-line, Next Generation Sequencing technology scans over 2,000 biomarkers in the human genome that are subject to epigenetic changes in order to accurately determine biological age.

What is biological age?

Biological age is the age of the cells in your body as determined by various properties and biomarkers that have been researched to correlate with aging and decline

What is Horvath’s Clock?

Horvath’s Clock is the epigenetic aging clock that was pioneered Dr. Steve Horvath. He used human samples to determine 353 biomarkers correlated with aging (CpG Sites). This study modernized biological age measurement and has remained the standard for biological age determination since. The testing company owns exclusive licensing for these original 353 CpG sites and have since added over 2,000 more CpG sites to make us the most accurate biological age test.

Why Test?

By being able to obtain the biological age (age of cells) and compare it to the chronological age (years on earth), Dr. Swierczewski will be able to intervene with medical anti-aging therapies, bio-hacking, nutrition, and lifestyle modification to reduce your biological age and improve your health, longevity, and quality of life, ultimately reversing the aging process. The goal is not only lifespan but healthspan.

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